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Top 5 styling tips for your small space

Top 5 styling tips for your small space

Tiny floor plans are a common problem for Torontonians. But there’s always room for creating a warm, relaxing, and personalized environment that you’d be comfortable calling home. Check out our top 5 styling tips for organizing your small space!


1. Mirror, mirror, on your wall…

You may have heard some say “the smaller the room, the bigger the mirror”– and that’s because mirrors are great for making your small space look larger. Pick a focal point in the room (we’d recommend somewhere with light) and angle your mirrors towards it to give the illusion of depth and to brighten up those dark corners!

2. Let it float

Fight the urge to push your furniture against the walls to maximize your space in the middle. By moving your items away from the wall you can create depth, and can make a room like wider than it is. Plus, if you move the furniture away from a windowed wall you bring in extra light that your small space needs!


3. Edit your wardrobe

If you’re living in a downtown condo, you’re probably struggling with how little closet space your unit gives. Our top tip? Every 2 months dedicate a day to purging your wardrobe– remove the out-of-season items in your closet, put them in airtight space saver bags to give you more space and less clutter. Whilst we’re on the subject of your closet– another pro tip for faking a larger closet is to categorize your clothes by colour, sleeve length, and item.


4. Add some life

It’s 2020– if you don’t own house plants then WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?!?! House plants can add a lot of life (literally) to your room. This photo here by shows how plants can create a calm, bright and inspiring work space without taking up too much floor space.


5. Keep it clean!

This one certainly sounds easier than it is, especially if you’re living in a small space with the shopping habits of a large-home owner. But there’s a lot to be said for keeping your space clean that makes it feel like your space has more to give. Good habits, like making your bed in the morning, will not only make your bedroom look ready for the day but it will also prepare you for all the other tasks you have to accomplish.

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