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Whether you’re upgrading your condo or downsizing from a million-dollar home, we offer nothing short of a full commitment to your sale. Our team of seasoned real estate professionals have decades of combined experience guiding clients through every step of the home selling process.

Our smart 8-step approach helps you sell the right way. Have a read below, or download our seller guide now.


Let’s Talk.

It all starts with a conversation. We sit down and discuss your needs, wants, objectives, and pricing. We’ll talk about why you’re selling and what we can do to help. Don’t know whether to buy or sell first? We’ll advise you on that, too.


Get To Know The Market.

We’ll give you a clear picture of the current state of the market – both across the city and in your neighbourhood – and help you determine pricing based on demand. Plus, we’ll establish a strategy to achieve it.


Prep For Listing.

We’ll evaluate your home room by room, discuss possible changes, then leverage our network of dependable tradespeople to help you do it. Whether it’s a minor touch up or a large scale reno, we have you covered—and we’ll be there every step of the way.


Stage It.

Staged homes sell for higher prices. There’s no denying it. We will help polish your space with options that work for your budget and provide a great return. From professional home stagers to furniture rental companies, we’ll come up with a budget-friendly solution that boosts sale appeal. Take a look at our design gallery to see what we’ve done for past clients.


Price It Right.

Selecting the right listing price is arguably the most important piece of the puzzle. Because the market is constantly changing, we make it a point to do a full evaluation of the most recent activity right before listing to ensure we get it right.


The Marketing Plan.

We have an in-depth understanding of marketing principles and a dedicated in-house marketing specialist. Which means, your listing will get serious exposure through a comprehensive plan tailored to your property. We never cut corners; your plan will include everything from professional photography, custom print materials, a personalized property site, and social media marketing— all targeted to reach the right audience.


Working Offers.

It all comes down to this moment. This is where we use our savvy to bring everyone together to negotiate a result that’s in your best interest. We’ll take you through the pros and cons, review clauses and conditions, and determine how to handle possible counter offers – all while avoiding potential pit falls. Our expertise will ensure you’re doing everything that’s legally required of you, and disclosing everything you need to minimize risks. Our job is to negotiate the best selling price for your property, and to protect you every step of the way.


Add The Final Touches.

Once that “sold” sign goes up, we keep working. We process the paperwork, send it to the lawyers, the bank, and make sure everything goes smoothly right up until the closing date. If anything unexpected comes up, we’re on it. (And we’re not afraid to roll up our sleeves to get it done!)

A Glimpse Into Selling With SO&Co.

Our Frequently
Asked Questions

There are bound to be (lots of) questions when selling a home. We encourage our clients to ask away. We’re here to answer them all.

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Seasonal trends in the Toronto real estate market show properties selling for the highest prices between the months of March to June. This will depend on the property type and price point for the home you’re selling as seasonal fluctuations can have differing impacts on certain segments of the market. There may also be external factors to consider when determining the best strategy and timeline for selling.

This is a common dilemma and will depend on your circumstances. 

If you sell first:

the advantage is this is the safer option. You’ll know exactly how much you have to spend and will avoid sleepless nights wondering if the sale of your current home will go through. 

The disadvantage is: in a sellers market it could take longer than you would hope to find your next home and you may need a back up plan to bridge the time gap between closings (ie. finding a short term rental or staying with family for a few months). The other disadvantage is that you may feel pressured to make a decision and settle for something that may not be quite right.

If you buy first: The advantage is: you know where you are going and there is no urgency to buy, so you don’t have to settle. The disadvantage is: There are uncertainties and no guarantee that your current home will sell for the price you’re hoping for or in the timeframe you need. You need to be comfortable with the possibility of carrying two mortgages for a little while. If you’re someone who doesn’t like risk and uncertainties, sell first.

We’re obviously a little bit biased but our answer is an emphatic *Yes!*. As full service agents we spend each and every day immersed in the real estate market and are well versed in micro trends across neighbourhoods and macro trends for the market as a whole.
For sellers, we feel that our marketing system speaks for itself (take a look around the website!) and is one way we’ll be making sure we provide the smoothest transaction on your sale (top dollar in the shortest amount of time). By being tapped in to the market we’ll help guide you on the best time to sell, what pricing strategy to use, and how to best position your home to the most relevant market.
For buyers, the story is much the same. Bidding war? We’ll guide you on how to best position yourself to win without overpaying. Looking for something off market? We can help you there too. Want to know which condo buildings will have the best cash flow as an investment or which will appreciate in price the best? We do that too. We’ll walk you through what to look for in a home inspection, how to read a survey or a status certificate and how best to protect yourself with conditions on an offer. Real estate can be much more than falling in love with a property at the open house and as Realtors we’ll guide you through these details.

When selling a home in Toronto, there are a number of costs to take into consideration: real estate fees, legal fees, mortgage discharge fees (and potential early termination penalties), moving and home preparations.

Commissions are negotiable and will depend on the nature of the sale. The ‘going rate’ for a full service real estate transaction hovers around 5% split between the Listing Brokerage and Selling Brokerage.

This will vary depending on your property type and location, but the average Days on Market across the GTA is currently 28.

Short answer: Yes. 

The scale of upgrades and renovations to undertake before selling will depend on a number of factors (budget, timeline, type of property, market conditions), but without a doubt some level of preparation should be completed before hitting the market. It may just be a coat of paint and minor repairs, or it may be more extensive renovations. 

We’ll provide advice based on your situation, formulate a plan with our staging/design partners, and can even assist with having the work completed.

Read more about our renovation services here.

Simple: Hire SO&Co. 

Preparing your property for sale is the key to getting the best possible price. De-cluttering can do wonders. A coat of paint really does go a long way. Fixing any glaring deficiencies will eliminate buyer objections. And great staging can have buyers swooning over your property – and offering top dollar.

We take our marketing very seriously at SO&Co. Some may say it’s obsessive but we like to say it’s simply thorough. 

There are no corners cut when it comes to marketing your home. From a detailed target market analysis to fresh cut flowers and everything in between. Professional photography, virtual tours, floor plans, advertising campaigns (print, online and social media), property staging, home preparations and so much more.

Well that’s a loaded question to be answer on a FAQ page. Why don’t you give us a call and we can discuss further.

Staging To

Our staging efforts ensure that properties look amazing, stylish, and strategically designed to suit a buyer’s tastes. Click below to learn more about how we do it, or to see our results in action today.

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