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50 Fun Facts About Toronto: Part 1

50 Fun Facts About Toronto: Part 1

So you want to move to arguably the greatest city in the country? Toronto has something for everyone, with entertainment and sports, great dining, arts and culture, and attractions in abundance. Even as a Toronto Real Estate Agent, I continue to learn more about the city and find cool new things to do. If you are a buyer, seller or renter who is considering making the move to Toronto, check out this list of 50 fun facts that will get you pumped about living in Toronto, Ontario!

  1. The city’s name Toronto comes from an Iroquios term meaning “where there are trees in water”.
  2. The current population is over 2.9 million people!
  3. Between 1793 and 1843, Toronto was known as York.
  4. The city was established in 1793 when the Mississaugas conceded the land to the British in what is known as the Toronto Purchase. 
  5. In the 17th century, Toronto was a control site to further the fur trade north.
  6. Toronto is believed to have been inhabited for 12,000 years–since after the last ice age!
  7. The indigenous groups that lived here were the Anishnabeg, the Chippewa, the Missisaugas of the Credit, The Mohawk, and the Wendat peoples. 
  8. Toronto has a vast number of performing arts theatres where year round you can catch amateur or professional shows. Enjoy musicals and broadway shows in Princess of Wales, Ed Mirvis, or Royal Alexandra or take in a night of music at Roy Thomson Hall. There is no shortage of talent or entertainment!
  9. Toronto is home to more than 10 million trees! Though it is a buzzing metropolis, Toronto has beautiful green spaces and nature to soak in!
  10. There is an actual castle in the city called Casa Loma. This majestic building was completed in 1914 and is still open to the public for dining and events. 
  11. Toronto has the longest street in the world running through it, Yonge Street! Almost 2000 kilometres long and stretches from Lake Ontario to the Minnesota border!
  12. Toronto is one of the most multicultural cities in the world! It’s home to over 200 ethnic groups, with over 180 spoken languages, and a variety of cultural celebrations each year celebrating our diversity!
  13.  Toronto Zoo is one of the largest in the world!
  14. High Park Zoo made international headlines when 2 large capybaras named Bonnie and Clyde escaped the park and roamed the city for almost a month before their capture and return! (Go ahead and google Capybara, we’ll wait!)
  15. There are around 7500 restaurants in the city! Satisfy your fast food and fine dining cravings alike with a wide variety of culinary choices. 
  16. There are 7 major sports teams in the city to cheer on: Toronto Raptors, Toronto Blue Jays, Toronto Maple Leafs, Toronto FC, Toronto Rock, Toronto Argonauts and the Wolfpack.
  17. Toronto made the Guinness World Record book pages as it claimed the 1997 title “world’s highest wine cellar” sitting at 351 metres above ground in none other than the CN Tower.
  18. For those that want a challenge, you can climb the tower’s 1776 steps (144 flights) in the charity fundraiser.
  19. The city is nicknamed The 6ix–referring either to the 6 burroughs that form TO, or a nod to the area codes 416 and 647.
  20. It is estimated that over 40 million people visit the city each year, and with over 43,000 hotel rooms throughout Toronto, we are ready to welcome you!
  21. The Toronto Islands did not start off as such, instead it was a peninsula that was hit by storms in the 1850’s that tore them from the land. Now it is the largest “urban car-free” community in all of North America. 
  22. If you are looking for a real life optical illusion, make your way to 54 ½ St. Patrick Street–and visit the Half House– the remaining proof of one homeowner that refused to give in to new development!
  23. The Toronto Stock exchange started with 24 men and 18 stocks in 1861–now it is the largest in the country, and 7th largest in the world!
  24. If you are looking for fresh food, fine meats, cheese, delicacies, and other treats check out the St. Lawrence Market. Opened in 1803, this culinary wonder continues to boom with traditional and new vendors’ goods to savor and enjoy!
  25. Toronto is home to the Hockey Hall of Fame, a venue for sports fans to view the Stanley Cup, player jerseys and memorabilia, and try their hand at some hockey games or on-air fun. 

If this list is getting you excited to buy and sell in the city, let us know! 

Do you have a favourite restaurant that is a must-try or a site that is a can’t-miss? Share it with us so we can pass it along to the Torontonians to-be and visitors alike–and stay tuned for the second installment of our fast facts and fun info!

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