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5 Things to Do to Fall in Love with the City Again!

5 Things to Do to Fall in Love with the City Again!

It seems like we’re heading towards a pre-Covid life and I don’t know about all of you, but I’m super excited! Pre-Covid I think I was really hung up on leaving the city and didn’t truly appreciate everything Toronto had to offer,  but in the past year I was truly able to discover my own city and fall in love with it all over again. So I thought I would share a list of some of my favourite things to do with all of you! 

Visit the Toronto Islands

Personally, my favourite place to visit on the Toronto Islands is Ward’s Island. The beach faces West, which makes it the best place to watch the sunset. The best way to get to the island would have to be with a water taxi, it’s honestly more fun than taking the ferry, there’s less people and it’s a lot faster! When you’re on the island make sure to visit the Island Cafe, it has a very relaxed island vibe and everything they make is locally grown and most things can be found in their garden! You can also explore more of the island by renting a bike – you can rent regular bikes as well as bikes for 2 people or 4 people, so you can enjoy a bike ride alone, with your significant other, or with friends.

Go bike riding on Lakeshore 

If you don’t own a bike or can’t get your hands on one… because they’re sold out everywhere! Take advantage of the bike share program we have in Toronto, it’s easy and super cheap and easily accessible. You purchase a day pass for just $7.00 for 24 hours, just make sure to make a stop at a check in station every 30 mins so you’re not paying the late fees, which can add up! The city also introduced a program called ActiveTO, where they shut down major roads during the weekend to encourage people to get out and ride their bikes around the city and feel safe when they do. Check out the ActiveTO website to see which roads will be closed and on what dates.

Visit the Stackt Market 

The Stackt Market is Toronto’s first shipping container market where you can shop, eat, or just have drinks with friends. The food is amazing… I mean they have a Momofuku Noodle Bar in the Pavilion, and the music and vibes are even better! It’s also dog friendly so your dog can join you on your day out, or you can play with all the cute puppies that are there enjoying the weather! 

Enjoy a picnic at the Toronto Music Gardens

My favourite thing to do during the quarantine was to grab some take out and head to the Toronto Music Gardens for a picnic, because realistically what else were we able to do while everything was closed? It’s right by the water and there’s almost always a live band performing! It’s the perfect place to just sit and hang out, read a book or catch up with some friends.

Try Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP) 

Paddle boarding is something I tried for the first time last summer and fell in love with, it’s so relaxing and serene, and there’s a few places in Toronto where you can try it out. The first time I tried SUP was at Kew Beach with The Toronto Beach Kayak. It’s a shipping container full of different water activities you can rent, canoes, kayaks, paddle boards… it may sound creepy but I promise it’s not! It’s a family owned business and they’re really friendly and very helpful, make sure you check them out when you’re at the beaches.

Bonus: Sandbanks

I know Sandbanks isn’t in the city, but it’s worth the drive! You’ll need to obtain a permit online beforehand, which will guarantee you access to the park… I’ve been turned down way too many times so I’m ecstatic that they started doing this! You can purchase your parking permit 5 days in advance for $21.00 per car, which includes up to 5 people (be sure to print the permit so you can skip the line up of cars who forgot to print it!) And don’t forget to check out the sand dunes when you do make it out!

Hopefully you’re able to make it out to one of these places this summer, because I know how hard it is to get patio reservations on the weekends! Let us know, what are some of your favourite things to do in the city!

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