Jessica Morrone | SO&Co.
Jessica Morrone
Client Care Manager
Dotting i's. Crossing t's.

Jessica is the Client Care Manager for the SO&Co. team – and essentially the quarterback of the operation. She’s the one that ensures that all the details are looked after – that no stone is left unturned when it comes to any and every part of the process for our clients. From coordinating marketing efforts, to scheduling cleaners, Jessica is there to help.

She’s a recent graduate from the University of Toronto that began her career in home insurance. After a few years in the insurance field she found herself unhappy and craving change. So, after some thought she decided that joining the SO&Co. Team was the fresh start needed – and is happy she did!

Growing up in Mississauga she wanted more excitement than what the suburbs had to offer and made the move to Toronto 7 years ago. She’s lived all over downtown Toronto, but has a love of the West-end and can’t imagine calling another city home.

Eager to learn and dedicated to helping the team, Jessica is a natural in assisting others and prides herself on a strong work ethic. She takes on a positive attitude in completing tasks by always making sure to put her best foot forward.

When she’s not working, she can typically be found filling her time with family and friends. She’s a self professed home-body who values her space and enjoys quiet nights in. She also shares a love of food with the rest of the SO&Co. Team and enjoys trying new flavours and restaurants.